Made in Portugal shirts coming July 2017

We need to talk about our insider list.

We write e-mails for the great people who support us every once in a while. We mostly focus on Lean Garments, but they might also include some not so well-thought-out ideas put into text. We’re “just” trying to be the best pen pal out there. Sold? Great! Try it out? Please do!

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We're closing down.

It all started from passion for IVY style: Why it’s so damn hard to find slim fit button-downs with rolling collars? What was a fun side project to work with after days at school resulted to be a great e-commerce niche with a lot of demand. We worked our asses off days and nights (driving our girlfriends crazy) and saw great results.

100 shirts in couple of hours. 200 shirts in 3 minutes. 400 shirts in seconds. 800 pre-orders in a week. All those were ridiculous numbers for a simple clothing brand founded by two engineering students in their early 20s.

But what we had in knowledge for what marked needed, we lacked in understanding the numbers. Making things was so fun we didn’t really had the time really stop and to think about the business side of things. Can you make loopwheeled sweatshirts? - Why not. Selvedge chinos? - Let’s do it!

At the end we had sold over 4000 shirts and didn’t make a dime out of it. But it wasn’t efforts waisted – we both get to test things we wouldn’t be able to do anywhere else and now we both have jobs in e-commerce.

What really struck us was that even the menswear-savvy customers do not really understand what makes a quality clothing from the manufacturing standpoint. Don’t believe the marketing talk you’re told by the brands. We could have just continue making 12.5$ button-downs with cheap shell buttons with our in first manufacturer and sell them for 39$. But it didn’t feel right.

It’s time for us to take some breath and say goodbye to the old 1.0 version of Lean Garments. There will be one 400pcs lot of button-downs coming, but after it they’re gone.

We will have shirts in future, but this time we will make a product that is made Europe. That guy who used a -40% code he found on our already -30% sale won’t necessary be happy with the price point, but less is more. You don’t really need that much of clothing, it is really about quality.

And that’s where we’re heading towards to.

Lean Garments 2.0 opens in October.


If you would like to help fund our upcoming collection, consider buying something from our -50% sale.

Thank you for these 2 and half years.


Best Regards,

Karri & Lauri