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A True Tale Of Two Students

It was the summer of 2014, when two students from a small coastal town in Finland decided to enlist into the fight against fast fashion. They grew bored of seasonal collections, designer brands and 6 months wardrobes. They said no to everything and everyone except themselves. Rest assured that it was easier said than done, and through trials and tribulations, it was now plain to see why so many had been left behind in this conflict. After a while the pieces started to latch together and they finally found a companion they could say yes to and produced their first piece of clothing, a blue oxford button-down, a never-let-you-down garment appropriate for all times and occasions.

After a while they stopped to rethink their steps, and as young visionaries and idealists they realized they were on to something. Although the button-down shirt is the staple of wardrobe essentials, they were here to do even more than that. They were here to give the world the foundations for the wardrobe of contemporary men, who wish to have family albums that won’t embarrass them in front of their grandchildren.

It’s a bit egotistical to talk about yourself in third person, so...

Those students were us, Karri and Lauri. Nice to meet you. It is pleasant to see you’re reading this far. The preface ends here and we’ll continue on to the exciting land of Lean Garments.

Let us now tell you our mission in layman’s terms. We’re tired of superfluous items that today’s clothing industry seems to be brilliant at convincing us that we need. Truthfully speaking, there is no need for that new patterned shirt every season - we don’t believe in fast fashion. We want to provide you with no-nonsense pieces of clothing for your everyday life with the utmost attention to details and tangible quality. The most ecological action you can take when it comes to clothing, is to buy items that will last you for years to come.

Every step we took, every move we made

Here's what we drew on the tactic board:

  1. Shy away from seasonal collections, just the key wardrobe pieces and that’s it. That trendy baggy hoodie or space sneakers of this season will surely age as gracefully as the skin of a surfer who doesn’t know the word “sunscreen”.
  2. Be snobbish about who we work with, not all factories or suppliers can provide the quality we expect, and quality is what matters to us the most. Otherwise we’re not one bit snobbish. We like people and we like you.

It’s not rocket science. It’s not experimental physics. It’s just a couple of principles we have to keep in mind. Just. Two. Principles.

We’re glad you’re on board in this journey of conquering the world one wardrobe at a time.