Made in Portugal shirts coming July 2017

We need to talk about our insider list.

We write e-mails for the great people who support us every once in a while. We mostly focus on Lean Garments, but they might also include some not so well-thought-out ideas put into text. We’re “just” trying to be the best pen pal out there. Sold? Great! Try it out? Please do!

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Pre-order policy


The production of Button-Down Oy Ab products with clear marked "PRE-ORDER" or its delivery has not yet started. The specific time of completion of the goods and their delivery has not yet been determined. The first final products are expected to be available as of last week of February 2017, however, this date is not binding.
The customer will be informed separately of the completion of the ordered goods and their expected delivery by separate email. Button-Down Oy Ab will thereupon effect delivery expectedly within 2 weeks after receipt of the email.
The customer is furthermore granted a special right to withdraw from the contract if initial production is not effected within 90 days upon the placement of the preorder. Furthermore, in this case, the contract may also by cancelled by Button-Down Oy Ab. Button-Down Oy Ab will immediately refund any payments made by the customer so far.