Newsletter vol.1: What’s Lean Garments?

November 02, 2016

Newsletter vol.1: What’s Lean Garments?

You’ve been patient and finally it’ll pay off.

Lean Garments is back in with exciting new products and some old acquaintances (for now). The months building up to the zero hour have been full of hard work and before going into detail, we’d want to tell you a bit of what’s happened and where we’re headed.

If you’re a new fan, welcome aboard - we’ve got great stuff for you. This e-mail will be a big wall of text, since we like talking about matters both relevant and irrelevant to your life.

Just like we used to do back in 2014 when we started (photo from our first photoshoot ever):

Lean Garment's first photo shoot ever

Cut the Chit-Chat - What’s Lean Garments?

A little over two years ago Lean Garments started as a project of two Finnish students in their early twenties. Our goal was to make the perfect button-down shirt and we got very close. We sold out many batches or “drops” of shirts in just hours and some even in minutes.

We also made a thousand shirt pre-order, military-styled selvedge chinos and even Japanese loopwheeled sweaters sewn together with the heritage Toyoda looms. (Yeah, Toyota was in the textile business before moving to a new domain - cars, that is.) So we’ve had a some extracurricular activities along studies, one might say.

Naturally, when it comes to button-down shirts, the legendary Ivy-style, originated from the Ivy-league universities in the 50s and 60s, was where we looked for inspiration.

We still do, it’s just that awesome.

However, the more got ourselves familiar with the clothing business, the more we wanted to broaden our horizons. Ivy-style is a small niche that serves a handful of people and we realized that there’s much more in clothing than just Ivy-style (Don’t get me wrong - we still love Ivy).

Thus, in last August we decided to close down for a while to re-think our direction and what we want to provide you in the future. We felt that clothing should be based on one idea: dress for less.

Well, That’s an Awkward Punch Line

Think what you like, but only after my two cents. Because dress for less actually isn’t as simple as it sounds. Less means the minimalistic aesthetics, but it also means sustainable production. On one hand it means good price-quality ratio, but on the other hand it also means that the garments and fabrics we produce are very carefully sourced and chosen to suit your needs. You get the hang of it?

We decided to cut everything to pieces and start from bottom-up. What are the clothes you dream of, but struggle to find? What are the ultimate pieces of clothing you need to build up your wardrobe for decades to go? And last but definitely not the least; how could we provide you all this, while still having a sustainable production to ensure the top-notch quality of the clothes?

Here are the two concrete steps we took to make your life better - one garment at a time:

  1. Moved our factories towards Europe. The first one of which being a highly cherished, family owned textile factory in Turkey, working for many luxurious Italian retailers.
  2. Moved a step away from the original domain of Ivy-Style clothing, while still holding onto its bottom line: details are everything.  

In a nutshell: with our new clothing line it’s easy to start building a minimalistic wardrobe, or continue doing so. Thanks for also reading all the other one thousand fillers in this essay.

But What About the Products?

I guess that’s why you’re reading this e-mail. As mentioned in the beginning, we’ll be coming back with new products. At first, we’ll have a pair of wool trousers and three different kinds of button-down shirts. We’ve already drawn some sketches of a navy jacket, something that we’ve been dreaming to do for so long. It will über casual, but also feature all the essential details such as patch pockets and unconstructed shoulders.

Let's start with the button-down shirts.

Pile of Lean Garments button-down shirts

These will be one of the last shirts we make in our old factory in China. Before hauling completely, we want to provide our old shirts to those, who still crave for more or never had a chance to get one. Don’t worry, our new shirts in the future will feature all the characteristic details such as a good collar roll, they’re just European made. Little birds were singing about an Estonian-made oxford button-down shirt. Clothes manufacturing in Estonia has long traditions and the factory we've started co-operating with, works with some well-known Swedish brands. The price range of those shirts will be somewhere between 80-105 euros, if we end up using Portuguese fabrics.

For the wool trousers, we chose Turkey. Why not Portugal, one could ask?

Well, we sourced for factories from all over and the quality of work and flexibility of ordering in this particular one just dumbfounded us. The fabric quality they can offer is outstanding and the fact that they can provide us with a new batch of trousers in just a few weeks from ordering, is vital.

The thing is, we can also make small orders to them, meaning flexibility in what we do, meaning more product categories that you may not even expect us to do. Easy.

We chose to start with the wool trousers, but it won't end there. Don’t hesitate to let us know what you would like to see from us next – we answer to every single email.

Slim wool trousers and an ocbd


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