Made in Portugal shirts coming July 2017

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You better watch out, you better!

Since there is something interesting going on. Since we have opened a limited pre-order for 120 Estonian made premium white oxford button-downs and you don’t want to miss it. I know I know, you don't get your shirt for christmas. But at least we’ll give you some time to make a pre-order for a shirt size down your normal size to give you some motivation to get rid of those Christmas and New year’s kilos. (Americans click here

What’s the “Estonian” you’re talking about?

Estonian is an adjective for something that comes from Estonia. Estonia, then again, is a small country to the south of Finland and north of Latvia. Estonia’s income per capita is one of the highest among the eastern European countries, they’re working with this little application called Skype and most relevant for you to know, they make some damn fine clothing. All in all, things are going really well for Estonia and now they got us, too.

But wait, there’s more.

So far our shirt production has been located in China. We really admire their passion and effort and so far we’ve got no complaints for their work, but listen to this. Our factory is working with cutting edge technology and they’re no newcomers, when it comes to the latest trends in clothes manufacturing. We feel this is will be huge leap in terms of quality. We still love our standard shirts from China, but we don’t feel bad calling these Estonian ones, the premium ones.

The former president checking out the Estonian Factory

The former president of Estonia checking out the workshop.

The devil lies in the details

When it comes to the details, we got the goodies, i.e. the most delicious ones you always cherish and save for last in the christmas chocolate box. Only this time you’re able to enjoy them before your annoying cousin eats them, while you're glancing over your shoulder to see, if Santa already brought the presents. We’re really fond of our details and everything has to be in its place in our products. Therefore different parts of the button-down come from different places in Europe.

White premium oxford shirt

How to impress your crush?

Tell her about how your shirt has Northern Italian Pearl Buttons and a thick Portuguese 175 g/sm fabric. Explain her that your shirt was made in Estonia and mention that it has the perfect collar roll. Finally whisper in her ear that that it has eight buttons to ensure it will stay tucked. After that you can just state, where and when the first date will take place.

This shirt fits as it should

The fit is very similar to the earlier shirts. The chest, waist, length and collar measurements are equal to our standard shirts. The armhole has been made slightly bigger. This will have a positive effect in the smaller sizes giving a little more room to the chest area. Maybe the biggest change, which is also a pretty minor one, is that the hem is just a little wider in sizes S and M, and not so deeply cut as in our standard shirts.

Just to conclude:

  • Pretty much the same fit as in the shirts from this Summer and Fall.

  • A slightly bigger armhole (you asked for it)

  • Eight buttons

  • Hem not so deeply cut

Final words

If you’re interested in investing in a white Lean Garments button-down shirt, which will last for the next decade, you should consider participating in this pre-order. You’ll also receive a nice discount too, as you ordering is a win-win for both of us.

This pre-order is unfortunately limited to only 120 shirts, because of fabric availability.

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