Made in Portugal shirts coming July 2017

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We prepared the design by asking: what kind of pants would we like to have? Overly calculated designs aren’t for us – we enjoy things with a slight edge. We’re inspired by both the classic details of traditional Italian tailoring and the clean aesthetic of modern Scandinavian menswear. Once we’d found the right balance between the two, it only took us two weeks to go from mood boards to our first set of factory instructions.

From day one, the objective was clear: to give you a dressed up alternative for your everyday worn-out jeans.

Wool trousers with a t-shirt and sneakers

Tailored enough for the second date, casual enough for the first.

How The Hell Should I Wear These?

Don't confuse these wool trousers for suit pants. Whether you want to dress sharp for the first date, or you want to take it casual wearing a t-shirt or a sweater, our wool trousers are your new best friend. These pants are as versatile as you make them and as your personal advisors, we advice you to play around with them.

You can roll up the legs for a more casual vibe, or you could pair them up with sneakers.

Blue oxford shirt with wool trousers and common projects sneakers. 

Works with sweaters. Works with t-shirts. Works even with winter boots. We've worn our trousers paired with turtlenecks for the past two weeks.


Wool blend fabric. 

325g/sm Wool-Blend 

We chose a fabric that is not the heaviest one, but a good compromise for year-round use in the Nordic countries. Proper wool fabrics are by default 50-200% more expensive than the basic chino twill, therefore the higher price. Same design made with good cotton twill would be priced around 85€ with the same margins. (Yes, we are working on them.)


We wanted to make a pair of pants that would be slim and tapered, but feature a comfortable rise. Slim, but not overly slim for normal body types. The bigger sizes 33-35 are adjusted to have a relatively wider leg compared to the smaller sizes, ensuring broader guys not ending up with a skinny fit.  

The model is 184cm and 83kg and wears size 32/33. He has a fairly trained lower body with sporty thighs. We recommend to take your normal slim fit trouser size, or size-up for a bit more relaxed fit. 

Suitable for all four seasons: Meet the new foundation of your pants drawer.