Made in Portugal shirts coming July 2017

We need to talk about our insider list.

We write e-mails for the great people who support us every once in a while. We mostly focus on Lean Garments, but they might also include some not so well-thought-out ideas put into text. We’re “just” trying to be the best pen pal out there. Sold? Great! Try it out? Please do!

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The Perfect Button-down, Explained

The OCBD – Oxford Cloth Button-Down – is a shirt that deserves a category of its own. It exists somewhere between formal and casual, the office and the weekend, an American college campus and a Tokyo coffee shop. It looks just as natural with a suit and a four-in-hand as it does with selvedge denim and work boots. American in origin but beloved around the globe, it is the single shirt suitable for any occasion.
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Introducing the White Oxford Button-Down

You better watch out, you better! Since there is something interesting going on. Since we have opened a limited pre-order for 120 Estonian made premium white oxford button-downs and you don’t want to miss it. I know I know, you don't get your shirt for christmas. But at least we’ll give you some time to make a pre-order for a shirt size down your normal size to give you some motivation to get rid of those Christmas and New year’s kilos. (Americans click here)  What’s the “Estonian” you’re talking about? Estonian is an adjective for something that comes from Estonia. Estonia, then again, is a small country to the south of Finland and north of Latvia. Estonia’s income per capita is one of the highest among...
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Introducing the Wool Trousers

We prepared the design by asking: what kind of pants would we like to have? Overly calculated designs aren’t for us – we enjoy things with a slight edge. We’re inspired by both the classic details of traditional Italian tailoring and the clean aesthetic of modern Scandinavian menswear. Once we’d found the right balance between the two, it only took us two weeks to go from mood boards to our first set of factory instructions. From day one, the objective was clear: to give you a dressed up alternative for your everyday worn-out jeans. Tailored enough for the second date, casual enough for the first. How The Hell Should I Wear These? Don't confuse these wool trousers for suit pants....
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Newsletter vol.1: What’s Lean Garments?

You’ve been patient and finally it’ll pay off. Lean Garments is back in with exciting new products and some old acquaintances (for now). The months building up to the zero hour have been full of hard work and before going into detail, we’d want to tell you a bit of what’s happened and where we’re headed. If you’re a new fan, welcome aboard - we’ve got great stuff for you. This e-mail will be a big wall of text, since we like talking about matters both relevant and irrelevant to your life. Just like we used to do back in 2014 when we started (photo from our first photoshoot ever): Cut the Chit-Chat - What’s Lean Garments? A little over two...
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